Update for Mortal client 4/30/17

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Update for Mortal client 4/30/17 Empty Update for Mortal client 4/30/17

Post by Mars on Sun Apr 30, 2017 7:00 pm

Small Update for Live 4/30/17

~Added two(2) combat mounts
~Frigga's Light
~Odin's Wings
Both have completely new buffs
~Redid drops from Bounty Hunter
~Hopefully fixed the gem coin drop from instances

Happy Gaming and thank you for playing BOI Mortal

Download update for client https://mega.nz/#!AlBDUKTR!8Tyh4uJJOAqGN0E0p1HVTtqXodvI0kqsQKxPXa-fqrc

Directions for update:
~Extract to Desktop
~Open folder and drag Data Folder and UI Folder into client


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